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A new proposal

Create a space for reflection and a collaborative way to address in the best conditions and effectively the challenges that we are committed to achieve by the European Commission through its papers especially “Europe 2020...[more]


The consortium took stock of the two last years

The consortium e-LERU took stock of the past two years. It appears that it is yet very difficult to go on this initiative in the current situation and that the structure in which the partners could work should change. The...[more]

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What are E-modules?

E-modules are courses that are taught by one or several teachers from the e-LERU partner universities through blended or online learning activities. The level and sort of collaboration between the tutors and between the students may differ depending on the choices made by the tutors. The level of digitization of the course may differ as well, meaning some courses will be more "blended" (including online and face-to-face activities) thank others.