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Mission statement

The main goal of the e-LERU was to build a showcase of the partner universities' strengths and specificities in the field of education and research.

e-LERU intended to bring a European dimension to research based teaching in European universities by encouraging academics to collaborate, notably through the construction of trans-national combined course structures (e-learning modules) and through physical and virtual mobility of students, in order to further develop internationalization of curricula.

e-LERU acted as a go-between and was a facilitator of such process in the framework of a European dimension.

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A new proposal

Create a space for reflection and a collaborative way to address in the best conditions and effectively the challenges that we are committed to achieve by the European Commission through its papers especially “Europe 2020...[more]


The consortium took stock of the two last years

The consortium e-LERU took stock of the past two years. It appears that it is yet very difficult to go on this initiative in the current situation and that the structure in which the partners could work should change. The...[more]